2017-18 Season Begins!

As a long standing association in PEI, we welcome all ages and levels to enjoy the sport of Table Tennis at our club and are please to have you as a member!

The season begins on Sept 5th, 2017 and runs until April 30th, 2017, with the addition of our Provincial teams who compete in the Atlantic Championships in May and the National Championships in July.

Interested in becoming involved with the table tennis community? Join PEITTA today in our new season promised to be filled with new programs and events for players of all skill levels.

Canada Games 2019, Atlantics 2018, league games, and more!

Another exciting season of table tennis has arrived. This might be our best year yet, with many new players and upcoming events, programs..
For those players who are 15 years of age or older or invited by our coaches, come to our Game Night every Thursday (6:30pm-8:30pm) for a fun-filled competition.

You'll be participating as a member of one of the teams, but your game scores will also be recorded individually and the player with the best record will be showcased as our front-page Player of the Month*.

*No player can be the Player of the Month twice in a row. In that case it will be awarded to the player with the next highest record.

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For those players who are born after January 1, 2001, here is your opportunity to carry the flag of our island and the great honor of representing Prince Edward Island in the upcoming Canada Winter Games 2019 in Red Deer, Alberta.

In the process, you'll be taught by our seasoned and accomplished coaches who have accumulated years of experience of playing the games and competing among the best.
All club members are invited to attend this exciting table tennis tournament hosted by Newfoundland in May 2018.

Start training now and there'll be plenty of time for you to hone your craft and prepare to showcase it in another friendly and beautiful island of our great country.

Our club is grateful for the financial support of the Department of Health and Wellness under the PEI Wellness Strategy grant and of our other sponsors!

PEI Table Tennis Association

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